3 Tips To Feel Refreshed After Your Break

3 Tips To Feel Refreshed After Your Break

3 Tips To Feel Refreshed After Your Break

Most of the discussions I've had with people talking about taking breaks and what they do on their breaks interest and sometimes baffle me.  
I tell them that I go for a walk, read a book, or drink some coffee. Their work breaks are not that much different than the environment from where they were working or not at all. Some people go through a three hour work period working on their computer to watching youtube videos and checking Facebook or emails.
Putting ourselves into about the same environment, in this case, being a desk can make ourselves more tired over a longer period and can also make us feel exhausted. Thus, not getting more work accomplish as we could have done after a refreshing break.

What are some tips?

   1. Talking with friends or family  - Talking can allow us to forget about our work for five minutes and can make us feel fresh when we get back to work.
   2. Exercise - Sitting for long periods of time is not very good for us, and we do it for most of the day. Workout or go for a 15-minute walk.
   3. Read - Reading books can help us relax, learn, and refresh our eyes from looking at a screen.
These tips will leave you recharged and refreshed after a break while improving your physical and mental health.


   1. What do you do on your breaks?
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