Creating An Invoice Fast & Easy

Creating An Invoice Fast & Easy

Creating An Invoice Fast & Easy

 Creating An Invoice Fast & Easy

Invoices should be fast and easy. They shouldn’t take a lot of time, should be simple, and straightforward. That way you can quickly get back to work. When it’s the first time creating one or you are a freelancer you might not have your tools and templates in place; it can be a hassle.


The Struggle

In the past, we used to create invoices using Microsoft Word. It was frustrating to use. Too many tools, features, and a chore to figure out how to change colors of a shape. Let alone the time wasted by trying to figure all that stuff out.

Let us save you time and frustration by showing you an alternative.

The Solution = Wave

Recently, we started using Wave Apps to create invoices — It’s insanely fast, easy, and takes only a minute to write up and send.


The best part — It’s free!

Wave Apps Home Screen

No downloads and works in a web browser.


After I had added my business logo, name, and information I was able to send it from that window. My client got the email with the invoice attached immediately.


You are able to do a lot more with Wave — This is just one of the features.

This is not an advertisement. Highly recommend, because we really enjoy using it.


   1. Do you find creating Invoices in the past cumbersome?
   2. Have you checked out Wave Apps?

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