How Do You Focus While Writing?

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Writing Blogs/Articles can significantly grow your business or freelance career. It expands the reach of clients that may read your informative article that has to do with your business or freelance journey. 
If you are on the fence about taking additional time writing articles; try it once a week for a few months, and your social media following numbers will add up. The problems that come up are numerous distractions if not unlimited.
Facebook, checking emails, watching tv, and many other things.
Is there a way to get around this and be free of distractions and just write what you want?

A Great Writing App

WriteRoom is a simple distraction-free writing application for both Windows and Mac. 
The app is taking up the entire screen while blocking other applications allowing you to focus. When you incredibly focus on one thing, you can get things done rather quickly.
It's just you, the keyboard, and text.


   1. Do you have difficulties concentrating / distractions?
   2. Been wanting to start a blog but think you may not have the time?
   3. How do you stay focus on writing? Share your tips!
Check out WriteRoom
Badlands Sound is not affiliated or sponsored by WriteRoom.

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