Right Out of Film School: The Second Job

Right Out of Film School: The Second Job

Right Out of Film School: The Second Job

You go to film school because you have a dream. A BIG dream. You might have been the weird kid like me that was one out of two people ( the other person being my friend ) out of your entire school that enjoys making films and dreams of becoming a filmmaker.


Before you leave school for the entire rest your life you are excited, nervous, and possibly a bit scared. You had this dream for years that you wanted to work in the movie industry, you went to school on how to make movies from beginning to end, now you are faced with the uncertainty of it all. You are looking at running a marathon that will last 30+ years and someone shouted in your ear, “Go!” and you are unsure where to make the first step.


Go look for a job in the industry or start freelancing? That’s up to you, your personality as a person and your goals that you want to pursue. I chose the journey of a freelancer.


You might not get all the clients right away after film school, that’s okay! You might not get phone calls from people wanting you to work on their project, that’s okay! You might fear the unknown, that’s okay! You might need to get a job, and that’s okay! You might get discouraged from all the above the important thing is you keep working hard.


These are all the things I faced during and after film school. Even because you went to film school, you still don’t know the important things. (More about those later in a future article) Being honest with your current situation is huge. Knowing that you can’t make ends meet and wanting to change that is a huge deal and a leap towards responsibility. This is not a failure in anyway if you can’t make it work right away. Getting a second job is the right way forward if you are a struggling freelancer or just starting your business.

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