Sound Design In The Mainstream Media

Sound Design In The Mainstream Media

Sound Design In The Mainstream Media

The Rise of Sound Design In The Mainstream Media

As the people that love sound, we don’t only surround ourselves in the sonic worlds of our day to day work schedules we go much deeper than that to another level. By listening to excellent podcasts like Tonebenders, watching videos about the enormous workload of what a feature film takes and a few secrets of sound design on Soundworks Collection, or reading interesting insightful articles like Designing Sound’s Sunday Sound Thought.

There’s been recently the increase of public videos about sound design that is reaching a major audience. It feels like the sound design itself may be becoming exposed to the public, but how will this affect different mediums like film and games and us as sound designers?

Here’s VICE recent video and article about the behind the scenes of sound design to get gruesome gory sounds from fruits.

Another popular video from the brilliant creators of Great Big Story

Not only do these videos about sound are on the internet they could be found on the morning news as well.


1. Do you think this will have any effects on creating sound design in the future?

2. Will people start hearing stabbings and blood gushes to be cutting up fruit and vegetables?

Let’s start a discussion — comment below!


  • Good questions! I think it’ll encourage more exploration in creating sounds, or play in sound design and intrigue for those who want to follow this path.
    In response to your second question, no I don’t think so. At a friend’s gathering the other week, I used the example of breaking celery to create the sound of cracking bones to describe sound design and why I chose to follow this path.

    Holly on

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