The Short Guide To Listening Vol. 6

The Short Guide To Listening Vol. 6

The Short Guide To Listening Vol. 6

Speakerphone for Mix & Mastering


It takes longer than it should to do audio post-production mixing - I don’t think I’m that great at, it's difficult to make all the sounds to blend and be part of the same film. 

I use the audio plugin Speakerphone by audio ease to make my mixes sound a lot better across many different devices. Putting it on my master track in Pro Tools I am able to select different devices such as a Mac laptop, television, headphones, to cheap computer speakers. When I get the dialogue sounding great within the mix I then open up the plugin and check it on headphones setting and notice the high end is way too much. Probably needs 3 dB reduction around 8k Hz. So, what is it? Do I keep what sounds great on my expensive studio monitors or do I make what seems like a dramatic reduction for the audience of what they will actually be listening on? Headphones.

The headphones are too bright, my studio monitors sound right but the laptop setting I am using not as bright as the headphones but should probably be reduced.  

The answer is probably somewhere in the middle - I use the word probably because the best choice is not in the middle reducing 8k at 1.5 dB. I haven’t checked it on more devices yet. So after I check on multiple device settings I find it somewhere closer to only 1 or .05 dB.

After taking a break for a short while, I can come back with an open mind and listen back to my change on my studio monitors and it sounds great and was a great decision to make that choice of reducing 1 dB and was probably the right decision to be made for the mix as a whole.


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