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The Short Guide To Listening Vol.4

We are halfway through January of 2019, and hopefully, all of us are still pursuing and working towards our goals and resolutions we set out to accomplish this year. 

The Short Guide To Listening Vol. 3

Even if I went out to record some basic nuance ambience sounds for a short film, I was able to find and record something a lot more interesting to the ear.

The Short Guide To Listening Vol. 2

Listen. That’s the first thing I do when going into a new space whether it would be outdoors, in a prairie, or inside a warehouse. What are the acoustics of the space? The most important thing for those who love sound is listening.

The Short Guide To Listening Vol. 1

When I first started writing this short guide, the first name of the article was “The Short Guide To Mixing” but realized I was wrong naming it that. Listening is far more important - Gear, technical or sometimes theatrical ideas can come later; much later. 

Color Grade Impacts Sound Design / Mix

Do you request the color graded version of the cut before you start sound mixing?

Creating An Invoice Fast & Easy

Invoices should be fast and easy. They shouldn’t take a lot of time, should be simple, and straightforward.

Want To Sustain Sounds Or Notes Longer?

Sometimes we come across notes or sound effects that are too short like a guitar pluck or a metal crowbar. We can fix that by using a cool sound design technique to sustain sounds longer naturally - Check out the short video tutorial showing you

The Best Microphone Is The One You Have

The one thing I forgot, if not the most important - A microphone.

What I Learned By Waking Up At 4 AM

Yes, you read the title correctly. For the last two weeks, I have been waking up every day at 4 AM.

Three Tips For Field Recording Safely

Sometimes field recording we can get wrapped up into a moment, the sounds, and our gear as we try to get impressive recordings but we fail to realize sometimes we can put ourselves in danger

How To Write An Invoice

We show you how to write an invoice using Wave apps Invoice.

Sound Design In The Mainstream Media

As the people that love sound, we don’t only surround ourselves in the sonic worlds of our day to day work schedules we go much deeper than that to another level.
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