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How Do You Focus While Writing?

Writing Blogs/Articles can significantly grow your business or freelance career. It expands the reach of clients that may read your informative article that has to do with your business or freelance journey. 

To All The Eager Young Filmmakers

We all remember the beginning stages of our filmmaking endeavours. For most of us, it began with nothing but our imaginations and a cheap DSLR. You were able to edit the footage probably on cheap or free editing software. Then you were able to show it to the world which meant your friends and family. From that moment on you were hooked and every project forced you to grow as a filmmaker.

Looking Back At Film School

When I look back on every milestone in my life, there is a large part of me that wishes I could go back in time and tell myself, "No, don't do this!" or "You have to do that!"

3 Tips To Feel Refreshed After Your Break

Most of the discussions I've had with people talking about taking breaks and what they do on their breaks interest and sometimes baffle me.  

Smooth City Traffic Update

'Smooth City Traffic' update includes new high-quality traffic ambiences of active, rushing, bustling city traffic. This update was recorded using high-quality professional-level gear like the Sound Devices 702t and a matched pair of Sennheiser 8040's inside a Rycote ORTF.
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