Retro Vacuum

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Retro Vacuum by Badlands Sound features over 160 sounds of an old vacuum cleaner. The library includes onboard recordings of the wheels and motor and Pass bys at various speeds including separate files for wheels and motor, ambiances of a person using a vacuum in different spaces with multiple distances, and Foley. All sounds were recorded with professional equipment including RODE NTG3, and Sound Devices 702t 96k/24bit sounds allow high-quality sound effects and great for sound design.


125 Files, 161+ Sounds - 24Bit/96k - 1.34 GB - Includes Metadata


With over 160 sounds from an old Hoover, you get recordings of it cleaning hard surfaces and carpet, as well as lots of foley of handling the bag, moving the vacuum, and plugging it in. You'll also hear pass-bys, its squeaky wheels, and ambiences of someone in the middle of making their floors look like new. Whether you need background sounds for a scene or you're creating an experimental device, check this one out.