Sounds of North Dakota

Sounds of North Dakota

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Sounds of North Dakota is an album that features ambience sound scapes professionally recorded in North Dakota. If you miss home or not in nature as much as you would like to be these sounds will relax you, help you focus, put you to sleep while feeling like you are in the North Dakotan Prairies. While listening to these sounds you will feel like you are there.


Specs: 16 files • 2.17 GB • Includes metadata
59 Minutes
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What's included?

North Dakota, Towns, Park, Rain, Wood Roof Overhead.wav

North Dakota, Towns, Park, Rain, Thunder, Metal Roof Overhead.wav
North Dakota, Ranch, Field, Grass Rustling, Cows.wav
North Dakota, Lakes, Water Lapping On Boat Ramp.wav
North Dakota, Lakes, Gentle Waves Hitting Dock.wav
North Dakota, Lakes, Frogs, Bird Chirps, Distant Crickets, Dried Grass Rustling in Wind.wav
North Dakota, Lakes, Fly, Prairie Birds, Distant Crickets, Breezy Wind.wav
North Dakota, Lakes, Flies, Distant Bird Chirps, Splashes From Turtles.wav
North Dakota, Lakes, Distant Boats, Distant Traffic, Lake Birds, Wind.wav
North Dakota, Lakes, Boat Ramp, Small Waves.wav
North Dakota, Lakes, Bird Chirps, Grasshoppers, Insects, Cows, Low Muffled Wind.wav
North Dakota, Countryside, Woodpecker, Flys Wizzing By, Distant Bird Chirps.wav
North Dakota, Countryside, Prairie, Rustling Grasslands, Crickets.wav
North Dakota, Countryside, Leaves, Howling Wind.wav
North Dakota, Countryside, Grasses Rustling Harshly In Breezy Wind, Small Bird Chirps.wav
North Dakota, Countryside, Crickets, Waterfowl, Distant Coyotes.wav

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Very high quality sounds and

very generous to it's past customers!

John T.

I have been looking for exact ambiences like this for awhile. These have worked perfectly and I can't be any happier.

Ryan S.

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