Above & Below Traffic


Specs: 13 files • 13+ sounds • 24 bits / 96 kHz

2.48 GB • Includes metadata

Duration: Approx. 70 minutes total

Delivery: Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download

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Except for when immersed in nature, most of our outdoor experiences are spent near the sounds of roads and cars. Whether in a parking lot, crossing the street, walking on a sidewalk, pulled over near a road, or arriving to a destination, our experiences with movement and travel have distinct soundtracks that match each setting. Our Above & Below Traffic Library provides the auditory ambience for all these occasions, from a variety of perspectives. With over seventy minutes of sound, this library includes options ranging from locations above and below bridges, hills, underpasses, overpasses, buildings, walkways, and more. Each file lasts five minutes and thirty seconds, allowing sound designers to capture a robust and accurate atmosphere for any outdoor setting that takes place in a location with dynamic noise from nearby traffic. 

How We, Help You

Use our sound libraries to save time and effort, with readymade environment sounds for every situation. Each of our sound libraries is crafted by sound engineers who make high quality tracks that are readily available. Take advantage of the audio resources provided by us at Badlands Sound so that you can simplify your sound design processes.