Household Water

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‘Household Water’ by Badlands Sound includes 86 high-quality water sounds found throughout the home that will be great for your projects. Hear the flowing sounds of water from kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs, small and large fountains, drains, and much more. This library was recorded by Sound Devices 702t with a RODE NTG3 microphone in 96k / 24bit.

SPECS 86 Files - 24Bit/96k - 581 MB - Includes Metadata


86 gurgling, flowing, and splashing sounds of water. Featuring bathtubs, toilets, and sinks, you'll hear these appliances being filled with water, then unplugged, drained, or flushed. It also has sounds of bathtub spa jets and different faucet pressures, as well as clean sounds of a small and large fountain to complete your collection! If you're looking for man-made watery sounds, check this one out.