Hunting Calls

Hunting Calls

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Hunting Calls by Badlands Sound features 85 sound effects of various sounds of calls including Turkey, predators, coyote, mallard ducks, and much more! This library will be a great addition to your projects. All of these sounds were recorded with high-quality professional equipment inside my studio.

It's fast and simple with our sound library. Each sound is carefully crafted by real sound engineers who know how to produce a high quality audio experience. It’s time for you to simplify your process and take advantage of what Badlands Sounds has to offer.

Categories: Foley, Human
Type: Hunting calls sound effects / recordings
Specs: 85 files • 85 sounds • 24bit / 96kHz • 46.6 MB • Includes metadata
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Very high quality sound products and very generous to it's past customers! I look forward to a long relationship with them!

John T

Well recorded and edited. Very nice and useful variety of sounds... For these prices it's a real bargain!

Nir S.