Podcast Edit, Mix & Mastering

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Podcast Mix & Mastering

Give Your Podcast That Professional, High-End Sound That You’ve Always Wanted

In today’s day and age, podcasts are all the rage – they’re fun, informative, and easy to listen to. In just a few years, podcasts have grown faster than anyone would have ever imagined – as the new form of talk radio, podcasts are a great way to share your story, to share the stories of others, and to connect with a highly engaged audience who choose to subscribe and tune in to what you have to say.

So, when you have something to say, it should come through those speakers loud, clear, and true.

Badlands Sound

Here at Badlands Sound, nothing is more important to us than working hand in hand with podcast hosts from around the world to ensure that their sound is 100% bad – in a good way. Sure, you might be able to plug in a USB microphone and record your podcast on your PC, laptop, or tablet – but do you know how to edit, mix, and master like the pros? 

At Badlands Sound, our dedicated team of editors and engineers dedicate their time to your podcast through a comprehensive podcast mix and mastering service that delivers a ready-to-launch podcast with professional quality.

Editing, Mixing, & Mastering


When you purchase our service, you’ll have a dedicated sound engineer standing at the ready to edit your podcast from start to finish. This includes:

  • Cutting dead space.
  • Removing filler words.
  • Removing dead space and pauses.
  • Adding intro and outro music.
  • And much more! 


Mixing is where we get your podcast sounding clean, clear, and professional. This service includes:

  • Eliminating background noise and microphone hiss.
  • Taking out harsh sounds like mouth clicks and microphone pops.
  • Properly mixing the sound from multiple microphones to make sure each channel is clear.


Mastering is where your podcast truly comes to life. When you listen to a high quality music album or a professional podcast, you can truly tell the difference from a DIY home recording – and that’s all due to mastering. In this stage, your dedicated sound engineer will give your podcast the extra punch it needs to ensure that every last word spoken is 100% professional-grade.

Purchase Multiple Podcast Episodes

For a wonderful price, you can have your entire podcast episode edited, mixed, and mastered by the professionals at Badlands Sound. From there, if you’d like to have a whole series processed, simply add more episodes to your cart! 

We always recommend purchasing enough episodes to cover your full series, so that the sound remains clear and consistent across all episodes.

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