Ukraine Metro


13 files • 13+ sounds • 24 bits / 192 kHz

5.2 GB • Includes metadata

Approx. 75+ minutes total

Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download

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Our Ukraine Metro Sound Library is a unique collection of thirteen ambiences recorded at Ukrainian metro stations and on Soviet subways and modern trains. Each sound is carefully recorded and crafted by professional field recordists and sound designers who know how to produce a high-quality audio experience. These unique ambiences include great detailed metadata using Universal Category System, allowing you to easily find and use these sounds. 


Key Features

This library includes Transitional Ambiences, which means the Field Recordist moves with microphones across a specific space within the audio file duration.

  • Professionally recorded ambience in Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Metro Stations and Trains/Metros/Subways
  • Universal Category System Metadata
  • Transitional Ambiences In Stations
  • Distinct Location Markers
  • Spectrogram Image Files



The Story

We contacted a Ukrainian Field Recordist, Dmitiry, to record ambiences throughout Ukraine. We were both excited about the upcoming sound libraries and started discussing what to record and planning the sound libraries. The first sound library we wanted to start working on is the ambience of the metro stations in Kyiv. Dmitry could go on a few field recording sessions just a week before the Russo-Ukrainian War. Thank you, Dmitiry, for your excellent and hard work.